Monday, December 27, 2010

What Can We Gain from Patent Map Analysis?

Analysis of patent documents from the point and face, big and small left revealing technical information Eph. Through patented technology of single pieces of literature analysis, access to the current solution to the problem encountered, access to technology to develop new ideas, challenge existing patent trap. Chronologically, analyzing the latest global patents granted per week, you can quickly reflect the new technology trends; to the patentee of the spindle, you can understand the patent holder of technology and market distribution; the technology as the focus, time, the patentee cross-analysis, you can master the technology trends, on a technology to make comprehensive judgments. Through the patent map analysis, the relevant technical field can be competitors in the following information:
1. the opponents of the analysis of R & D activities: To observe the different years in this period, investment in R & D activities, we know that the company used during R & D resources; 2, the age of the patent: the patent age of the age is equal to the sum divided by the franchised patent counts. Patent younger, indicating that the company enjoys in the field of technology long dominance, and vice versa.
3. the number of patent self-citation analysis: the more self-citation, that focus on self-development, limited interaction with the outside world of technology.
4. quoted by other companies of the total citations and citations analysis: the more cited to prove that the greater the value of the patent may be the basis or core technology patents.
5. technical independence of the analysis: with a coefficient to represent the technology independence. Independent the higher the coefficient, indicating the independence of the high research and development, patent infringement, the less likely; the contrary that R & D line of relatively standard, the possibility of infringement is relatively larger.
6. the main competitor patent cross-citation analysis: The relationship between citation analysis can clearly see that most of the companies cited in this technical area is basically a leadership position. The often quoted in the subordinate position relative to the technology.
7. it is important the company's proprietary rating analysis: the ability to see within the technical competitive situation.
8. an important number of patents the company over the years: you can see the various companies at various stages of technology development trends and the technology trends.
Patent map on the one hand can be used as an important information management, more importantly, can be further summarized for each type of proprietary technology and efficiency, through the analysis of these charts the direction of the implied R & D and technology-related information, you can understand the specific technologies trends, and further prediction technology in the future.
Activities in the patent analysis, patent analysis can guide enterprises in the core of all possible gaps in the deployment of various types of patents, which block fake foreign competitors space, the rational allocation of independent development and access authorization.

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