Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Main Types of Patent Map

Patent Map is a patented research methods and forms of intelligence, which will include technological, economic, legal, including various types of patent information processing, careful analysis of fine to be finishing, made of various intuitive charts, it has a similar map point features. Indicators of patent technology information through its portfolio of visual performance, reflecting the large number of patent data implied in the complex information, indicating the direction of technology development.

Analysis of the distribution trend of technology for policy-makers to provide more intuitive intelligence support can be used in particular countries and regions at different research institutions and enterprises competitors to monitor the distribution of patented technology, so Zhibi friends. Patent Map is to guide government departments, research institutions, high-tech enterprises in the effective patent strategy of the layout of one of the means.

Depending on the production target, the patent map can be divided into patent management, patent technology and patent rights of the map map, map of the different types of patent information analysis with a different focus, combine all three, it is on patent documents the economic, technical, legal comprehensive information on mining.

Map of the main patent management services in business management. This is the large amount of data based on "Patent Number", "patent owners", "invention" and "citations", "patent classification," "patent age" to do inductive analysis of different variables to reflect the industry or the trend of the overall business in a field situation. Include: number of patents over the years trend graph, the applicant distribution, business growth and decline of the number of patents maps, the proportion of the country of the number of patents maps, comparison chart and other businesses line the invention.

 Map of patents primarily in the technology research and development services. This is the relevant patent information will be detailed further study, patent documents summarize the important effect of the technical categories and types of classification pointer. As can be seen from these charts the movement of specific technologies, and further predict the future of technology trends. It is closely related to R & D decision-making direction and R & D in the "design around", "technical mine", "technology burrow" and other strategies provide an important basis and reference information, and thus plays an important role in technological innovation. Include: patent citations and family trees between technology, patent technology / effect matrix, patents, technology development plans and so on.

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