Monday, December 13, 2010

How to Make a Patent Map?

During the previous one we mentioned the conception of patent map. Using this patent tool will greatly helpful to our daily work and decisions making. There are various patent mapping on the internet and most of them need you to pay. Does this commercial product deserve us to pay? What’s the secret behind it? First let’s discover the procedure of making it.
To make a patent map needs people, time, money and the crucial one is IT skills. Imagine we are patent analysts, the work includes three steps. Step 1: collection. During this stage, we collect the related information as much as possible. It doesn’t mean all the information you find, writing down the specific field you want to study , because there are many kinds of patents in the world and not all the patents have the same length of in force and considering of the values are not the same, defining the information is important to the success of making the map. Step 2: analyze. After the basic work, patent analysis is the next thing should to do. As I mentioned above, facing the countless data challenges our patience and temper. A map with unstructured information isn’t that pleasure. Different patent has different valuation. So there’s a patent summary in our mind before action. Usually, a patent map contains patent title, number, dates, IPC, UPC, inventor and etc. so a statistical analysis and careful check is necessary. Step 3: visualisation. Why we make it? Step3 gives you the answer. After the prepare work, we come to the end of the task. It’s not the easy draw a picture. Various kinds of outlook depend on the purpose and importance of the needs. You can find visual patent mapping services, such as the simple bars, line charts, area graph, and bubbles (we call them patent landscape analysis) on a online patent mapping service site:

The orange bubbles indicate the place of patents of certain production.

 The orange bubbles indicate the place of patents of certain production.
Last but not least, searching the other sources will add the map data, such as the latest market research and professional report in the certain area and subject. Combination of all the sources definitely benefits your customers.

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