Friday, December 17, 2010

The Role of Patent Map

Patents as the most effective carrier of technical information, won more than 90% of the world's latest technical information, technical publications compared to the general information provided as early as 5-6 years, but informative and accurate. According to World Intellectual Property Organization estimated that if effective use of patent information, enables companies to shorten the average R & D R & D cycle of 60%, saving 40% of research funding. As a collection, collation, use of patent information, patent technology in the future world of information maps will play a pivotal role.

In fact, most of the patent is not discovered by chance, but a destination to the design and development. For many companies, manufactured products or someone else has already taken, or similar technology, which is a great R & D waste. Some companies want to enter the European market, the U.S. market, a huge capital investment in the market for a good job, we found that the core technology patents to promote their products lies in the hands of some businesses in Europe and America, if the pre-R & D for product patents to set a more clear and others will not touch the patent 'trap' of the patent mapping, patent applications does not occur ran aground on the dilemma, do not waste a lot of manpower and resources.

Patent Map in the patent information bearing on the play by play an important role in the next, bearing means on the patent information will be retrieved, after finishing, processing, integrated and summarized, data included in the form of a chart, forquantitative and qualitative analysis; Kai under the patent refers to the map by comparison, analysis and research, and judgments can be made during the rainy season, resulting in technology that can be used, dynamic and development trend of information, specify the business strategy for enterprises, patent strategy, the selected development goals and other services. Can be seen as a patent map collection, collation and use of patent information tools to the enterprise of great significance. As early as several years ago, and its importance to the developed countries and regions and use. If the Japanese government to help promote the use of patent information companies in the past two decades, has been collected and analyzed by the government of each patent information technology to make the patent map, and these maps for free on the web. If only communications, patent maps and applications involving infrared sensing, image recognition technology and other aspects of fifteen.Korean Intellectual Property Organization by their typical project - the use of mobile phones patent mapping mechanism has planned since 2000 in all areas of production and promotion of industrial patent map. Taiwan of China in the last 10 years, has successfully demonstrated voice identification, multi-film modules, MPEG video, carbon nanotubes, and many other areas of patent map for technology development and strategic plan for future products played an important guide effect.

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