Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Patent Map Study

Nowdays, more and more companies are using patent map to make their market strategy.
In this blog I will share some useful informations about patent map: ,you must want to know what is a patent map, for this I think no other site will give a more clearly answer than this,  it is really a good site. ,Patent Map is originated from Japan, Japan  Patent Office had published a guide book for practical use of "Patent Map for Each Technology Field", I think it is very good, you could read it if you are interested. this site introduces how to use the Patent Map function. : this site gives many patent map tools. You could download them if you like. : this online tool provides Geography Map and Citation Map service. Very convenient to use.

Ok, that's all for today, Patent map is very important for cutting-edge company to make market strategies, who pays more attention to it will stand out in the strong competition.

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