Monday, December 20, 2010

Patent Map Application in China

Patent Map of China in the production and application of the patent with the developed countries or regions have a greater gap between, so far, only a very few companiesuse patent maps for their services. The reason, one very important factor is that manycompanies do not understand the patent map, but I do not know how to make a patentmap.
Strategists need for military maps, travelers need to travel map, geological map of the explorer needs, intellectual property strategy, policy makers also need a map to simplifythe complicated patent information, visualization, and this is the patent map. Patent map as a collection, collation and use of patent information tools for national, regional, industry, institutions providing different levels of information support and services inChina's intellectual property strategy currently being implemented. Therefore, attentionand conduct research and application of patent map work, intellectual property strategyfor the development and implementation, enhance independent innovation capability is of great significance.

Patent map as a means of patent management, originated in Japan. With the extensive and effective operation of Japan, the patent mapping technology was introduced intoKorea, Singapore, United States, and China's Taiwan. Since its main purpose and role is to guide and application of science and technology, so from a global perspective, the patent application in Asian countries map is higher than Europe and the United States

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