Wednesday, December 15, 2010

About Patent Map

Patent map by a variety of patent-related data message to statistical analysis, becareful and detailed analysis of order can be made from a variety of chart interpretationmessage, it has a similar map point features.

Patent Map (Patent Map) for the business specified in the direction of technology development, summarize and analyze the distribution trend of technology, in particular,can be used for competitors to monitor the distribution of patented technology, will enable enterprises to do know ourselves. Enterprises will not only be used forintellectual property management patent map, but also for marketing, management and technological innovation management. Many companies produce industry patent mapas a guide the direction of their research and development and the basis forcompetition and research tool for opponents.

Patent Map in the developed countries and regions with the use of early attention, including the deepest level of the Japanese study, the most extensive range of applications in Japan in the 60s of last century to the beginning of the patent map, 1968,published in the Japanese Patent Office The first map of the Japanese patent, the patent map can show the application of technical functions and the expansion means, and through the relationship between the patent over time to identify the links between them. Subsequently, the patent application of the map gradually extended to theindustry. Technological development to business strategy, development of new business opportunities and further promote the use of patent information, the past two decades, the Japanese government to collect and analyze information in many technical fields to produce the patent patent mapping, and these maps for free on the Web . Only very few companies use our patent map for its services, which is a very important factor is that most companies do not understand the patent map.

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