Monday, December 27, 2010

What Can We Gain from Patent Map Analysis?

Analysis of patent documents from the point and face, big and small left revealing technical information Eph. Through patented technology of single pieces of literature analysis, access to the current solution to the problem encountered, access to technology to develop new ideas, challenge existing patent trap. Chronologically, analyzing the latest global patents granted per week, you can quickly reflect the new technology trends; to the patentee of the spindle, you can understand the patent holder of technology and market distribution; the technology as the focus, time, the patentee cross-analysis, you can master the technology trends, on a technology to make comprehensive judgments. Through the patent map analysis, the relevant technical field can be competitors in the following information:
1. the opponents of the analysis of R & D activities: To observe the different years in this period, investment in R & D activities, we know that the company used during R & D resources; 2, the age of the patent: the patent age of the age is equal to the sum divided by the franchised patent counts. Patent younger, indicating that the company enjoys in the field of technology long dominance, and vice versa.
3. the number of patent self-citation analysis: the more self-citation, that focus on self-development, limited interaction with the outside world of technology.
4. quoted by other companies of the total citations and citations analysis: the more cited to prove that the greater the value of the patent may be the basis or core technology patents.
5. technical independence of the analysis: with a coefficient to represent the technology independence. Independent the higher the coefficient, indicating the independence of the high research and development, patent infringement, the less likely; the contrary that R & D line of relatively standard, the possibility of infringement is relatively larger.
6. the main competitor patent cross-citation analysis: The relationship between citation analysis can clearly see that most of the companies cited in this technical area is basically a leadership position. The often quoted in the subordinate position relative to the technology.
7. it is important the company's proprietary rating analysis: the ability to see within the technical competitive situation.
8. an important number of patents the company over the years: you can see the various companies at various stages of technology development trends and the technology trends.
Patent map on the one hand can be used as an important information management, more importantly, can be further summarized for each type of proprietary technology and efficiency, through the analysis of these charts the direction of the implied R & D and technology-related information, you can understand the specific technologies trends, and further prediction technology in the future.
Activities in the patent analysis, patent analysis can guide enterprises in the core of all possible gaps in the deployment of various types of patents, which block fake foreign competitors space, the rational allocation of independent development and access authorization.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Patent Map Study

Nowdays, more and more companies are using patent map to make their market strategy.
In this blog I will share some useful informations about patent map: ,you must want to know what is a patent map, for this I think no other site will give a more clearly answer than this,  it is really a good site. ,Patent Map is originated from Japan, Japan  Patent Office had published a guide book for practical use of "Patent Map for Each Technology Field", I think it is very good, you could read it if you are interested. this site introduces how to use the Patent Map function. : this site gives many patent map tools. You could download them if you like. : this online tool provides Geography Map and Citation Map service. Very convenient to use.

Ok, that's all for today, Patent map is very important for cutting-edge company to make market strategies, who pays more attention to it will stand out in the strong competition.

Main Types of Patent Map

Patent Map is a patented research methods and forms of intelligence, which will include technological, economic, legal, including various types of patent information processing, careful analysis of fine to be finishing, made of various intuitive charts, it has a similar map point features. Indicators of patent technology information through its portfolio of visual performance, reflecting the large number of patent data implied in the complex information, indicating the direction of technology development.

Analysis of the distribution trend of technology for policy-makers to provide more intuitive intelligence support can be used in particular countries and regions at different research institutions and enterprises competitors to monitor the distribution of patented technology, so Zhibi friends. Patent Map is to guide government departments, research institutions, high-tech enterprises in the effective patent strategy of the layout of one of the means.

Depending on the production target, the patent map can be divided into patent management, patent technology and patent rights of the map map, map of the different types of patent information analysis with a different focus, combine all three, it is on patent documents the economic, technical, legal comprehensive information on mining.

Map of the main patent management services in business management. This is the large amount of data based on "Patent Number", "patent owners", "invention" and "citations", "patent classification," "patent age" to do inductive analysis of different variables to reflect the industry or the trend of the overall business in a field situation. Include: number of patents over the years trend graph, the applicant distribution, business growth and decline of the number of patents maps, the proportion of the country of the number of patents maps, comparison chart and other businesses line the invention.

 Map of patents primarily in the technology research and development services. This is the relevant patent information will be detailed further study, patent documents summarize the important effect of the technical categories and types of classification pointer. As can be seen from these charts the movement of specific technologies, and further predict the future of technology trends. It is closely related to R & D decision-making direction and R & D in the "design around", "technical mine", "technology burrow" and other strategies provide an important basis and reference information, and thus plays an important role in technological innovation. Include: patent citations and family trees between technology, patent technology / effect matrix, patents, technology development plans and so on.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Patent Map Application in China

Patent Map of China in the production and application of the patent with the developed countries or regions have a greater gap between, so far, only a very few companiesuse patent maps for their services. The reason, one very important factor is that manycompanies do not understand the patent map, but I do not know how to make a patentmap.
Strategists need for military maps, travelers need to travel map, geological map of the explorer needs, intellectual property strategy, policy makers also need a map to simplifythe complicated patent information, visualization, and this is the patent map. Patent map as a collection, collation and use of patent information tools for national, regional, industry, institutions providing different levels of information support and services inChina's intellectual property strategy currently being implemented. Therefore, attentionand conduct research and application of patent map work, intellectual property strategyfor the development and implementation, enhance independent innovation capability is of great significance.

Patent map as a means of patent management, originated in Japan. With the extensive and effective operation of Japan, the patent mapping technology was introduced intoKorea, Singapore, United States, and China's Taiwan. Since its main purpose and role is to guide and application of science and technology, so from a global perspective, the patent application in Asian countries map is higher than Europe and the United States

Friday, December 17, 2010

The Role of Patent Map

Patents as the most effective carrier of technical information, won more than 90% of the world's latest technical information, technical publications compared to the general information provided as early as 5-6 years, but informative and accurate. According to World Intellectual Property Organization estimated that if effective use of patent information, enables companies to shorten the average R & D R & D cycle of 60%, saving 40% of research funding. As a collection, collation, use of patent information, patent technology in the future world of information maps will play a pivotal role.

In fact, most of the patent is not discovered by chance, but a destination to the design and development. For many companies, manufactured products or someone else has already taken, or similar technology, which is a great R & D waste. Some companies want to enter the European market, the U.S. market, a huge capital investment in the market for a good job, we found that the core technology patents to promote their products lies in the hands of some businesses in Europe and America, if the pre-R & D for product patents to set a more clear and others will not touch the patent 'trap' of the patent mapping, patent applications does not occur ran aground on the dilemma, do not waste a lot of manpower and resources.

Patent Map in the patent information bearing on the play by play an important role in the next, bearing means on the patent information will be retrieved, after finishing, processing, integrated and summarized, data included in the form of a chart, forquantitative and qualitative analysis; Kai under the patent refers to the map by comparison, analysis and research, and judgments can be made during the rainy season, resulting in technology that can be used, dynamic and development trend of information, specify the business strategy for enterprises, patent strategy, the selected development goals and other services. Can be seen as a patent map collection, collation and use of patent information tools to the enterprise of great significance. As early as several years ago, and its importance to the developed countries and regions and use. If the Japanese government to help promote the use of patent information companies in the past two decades, has been collected and analyzed by the government of each patent information technology to make the patent map, and these maps for free on the web. If only communications, patent maps and applications involving infrared sensing, image recognition technology and other aspects of fifteen.Korean Intellectual Property Organization by their typical project - the use of mobile phones patent mapping mechanism has planned since 2000 in all areas of production and promotion of industrial patent map. Taiwan of China in the last 10 years, has successfully demonstrated voice identification, multi-film modules, MPEG video, carbon nanotubes, and many other areas of patent map for technology development and strategic plan for future products played an important guide effect.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

About Patent Map

Patent map by a variety of patent-related data message to statistical analysis, becareful and detailed analysis of order can be made from a variety of chart interpretationmessage, it has a similar map point features.

Patent Map (Patent Map) for the business specified in the direction of technology development, summarize and analyze the distribution trend of technology, in particular,can be used for competitors to monitor the distribution of patented technology, will enable enterprises to do know ourselves. Enterprises will not only be used forintellectual property management patent map, but also for marketing, management and technological innovation management. Many companies produce industry patent mapas a guide the direction of their research and development and the basis forcompetition and research tool for opponents.

Patent Map in the developed countries and regions with the use of early attention, including the deepest level of the Japanese study, the most extensive range of applications in Japan in the 60s of last century to the beginning of the patent map, 1968,published in the Japanese Patent Office The first map of the Japanese patent, the patent map can show the application of technical functions and the expansion means, and through the relationship between the patent over time to identify the links between them. Subsequently, the patent application of the map gradually extended to theindustry. Technological development to business strategy, development of new business opportunities and further promote the use of patent information, the past two decades, the Japanese government to collect and analyze information in many technical fields to produce the patent patent mapping, and these maps for free on the Web . Only very few companies use our patent map for its services, which is a very important factor is that most companies do not understand the patent map.

Patent Map

What's Patent Map? 

patent map (as follows) is a useful graphical model of patent visualization. This practice enables companies to identify the patents in a particular technology space, verify the characteristics of these patents, and identify the relationships among them, to see whether there are any zones of patent infringement. Patent mapping is also referred to as patent landscaping.

Why Patent Map exists? 

Patent map which is a way to analyze the patent literatures becomes more and more popular for the enterprise patent workers.

A patent is a kind of exclusive rights of an inventor granted in accordance with law. Patent is a document issued by a national government granting an inventor exclusive rights to an invention for a limited time. Patents are important information sources of science and technology. Every country attaches great importance to patent literature. The patent literatures contain a large number of economic, technological and legal information, and have become an important information source for high-tech enterprises.

How Important Patent Map is 

Patent Map is an important tool in collecting, settling, utilizing the information of patent. Patent Map is not fully used nowadays because the function has not been realized by most of enterprises. We hope that more and more enterprises could utilize Patent Map as a sharp weapon in technical competition. It is revealed by WIPO that over 90% of all the world s inventions are found in patent documents. Additionally, it is also disclosed by EPO that "patents reveal solutions to technical problems, and they represent an inexhaustible source of information: more than 80% of man s technical knowledge is described in patent literature." But patents are often straitjacketed as legal documents that aim to cloak a technology in the name of market interests rather than project it. Patent map provides technology formation in the relevant fields, and statistical analysis method. Analyzing the chart can academic information and make it available to company strategy. Patent map can be used for indicating the direction of enterprise's development. What is more, the technical analysis technology, especially the distribution of competitors can be used to monitor the patent technology distribution, which will enable enterprises to get the knowledge of competitors. Enterprises will not only use patent map for intellectual property management, but also apply to the management of market and technological innovations.